Carpet Cleaning

Portland Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care


            We know how difficult it can be to maintain your carpet, keep it clean and protected from life's inevitable dirt and stains.

Mess Maid Right NW only follows methods prescribed by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. 

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Service Included in EVERY residential carpet cleaning appointment:

  • Pre Vacuum
  • Pre Spotting and Pre Condition - to dissolve and loosen spots, stains and ground in dirt
  • Hot Water Extraction - pressurized water up to 250 degrees with powerful vacuum for dry times as low as 2 Hours
  • Post Grooming and Inspection (optional Protectant applied)


We Service Homes in Portland, OR & sorrounding areas with powerful Truck-Mounted Carpet Steam Cleaning equipment.

We also service High Rise Condos with Powerful Portable Extractors

We DO NOT use uncomfortable sales tactics or inflate the bill at the end of service,


Any additional service is outlined before it is authorized by the customer.


Portland Green Cleaning

You Can Count on us to use Non-Toxic, Earth Friendly Products when cleaning your
carpet because it is the right choice for your family, the earth, and our employees.



"Dry" Carpet Cleaning

 "Dry" or low moisture  carpet cleaning is more cost effective for regular cleaning or maintenance service, large areas and commercial properties.  The process is especially effective on Berber or low lying commercial grade carpet. Encapsulating Shampoo crystallizes around soil.  This crystaline powder is then vacuumed out completely after the carpet is dry.  Carpet dries almost immediately after cleaning with no down time or waiting to re-use the space.


Hardwood Floor Rejuvenation

Now offering hardwood floor rejuvenation! Don't refinish - REJUVENATE

  • Our special cleaning process first starts by power scrubbing any ground in dirt and grease with our rotating head machine and a biodegradable wood cleaner. This will remove dirt that regular mopping just cannot get out.
  • Then the wood is thoroughly mopped and dried.
  • Next the wood is tack-clothed to remove any dust that might have settled during drying.
  • And finally we apply a water based top coat in either gloss or matte finish to renew your floor's appearance.    This is a permanent process and will not wear off like an oil or wax finish  This top coat should provide protection for 1 year after application and will help the wood look new again.



You can depend on Mess Maid Right NW for:

  • Residential Portland, OR Carpet Cleaning    
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care
  • Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Stain removal and Spot Treatment
  • Carpeted Stair Detailing
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Fabric and Carpet Protector Application
  • Bathroom tile, shower deep cleaning and rejuvenation
  • Vinyl Tile & Concrete Refinishing and maintenance             



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