The real estate industry is one of the most competitive businesses in the world. Owning big and beautiful apartments is not always a guarantee for obtaining a good flow of renters. Renters consider many aspects before moving in. According to the Real Estate Elevated program, the cleanliness of a home is among the top aspects that will draw in a tenant. Thus, every structure or equipment in the rental house should be kept clean and in good condition before showing them to potential renters. Below, are a few tricks for cleaning homes that will attract a prospective renter.

Buff Floors

The floor is the most conspicuous section of any house and draws the attention of renters instantly. A poorly-kept or dirty floor is a sure turn-off. Considerable efforts should be expended on ensuring the floor is spotless. It is important to note that different types of floors create different appeal. If you use carpet, be sure you have it cleaned, and if you have hardwood, be sure it is buffed or covered with quality rugs.


Kitchen Work

The kitchen is a sensitive area for any incoming tenant. The culinary smell of the previous occupier will be lingering in the walls and the air. Getting rid of odor will increase the appeal of the house to the prospective renter. Be sure you have a plan for cleaning during, before, and after the move. The electrical sockets should also be fixed to ensure a flawless transition. Be sure all the appliances that might come with the house work and are in good condition.



Well painted walls that are well-dusted and illuminated improve the outlook of a home. With the help of a cleaning professional, you can remove poster gums, picture hunger, nails, or tape left by previous tenants. Remove all cobwebs using a duster and dirty areas can be cleaned using gentle cleansers, rags, or soft sponges.


Wiping Windows

Dirty windows prevent proper light penetration and look unkept. Besides ensuring well-fixed windows, a renter will be focused on the cleanliness of the home including windows to enhance a great stay. Obtain the appropriate glass cleaning solutions and wipe the windows using a rag to remove all streaks and lint.


Waste Management

Poor disposal mechanisms will destroy the ambiance of the home regardless of the location of the home or quality of the interior design. Prospective renters will be interested in the waste disposal methods and any waste remaining from previous occupants or cleaning should be taken care of before showing the property.


A clean home could be the marginal difference that can make or break a tenancy deal. Real estate players are advised to put more efforts and go an extra mile by ensuring rental premises are hospitable at all times, especially when looking for a new tenant to occupy a vacancy.