When your home has developed a foul odor, there are several ways to restore its new smell. Having a home with a nice fragrance makes it a pleasant place to live, and you won’t feel embarrassed about having guests visit. Use these tips to improve the smell of your home’s interior.


Clean the Climate-control Devices and Vents In Your Home

If your home’s air conditioner and furnace are filled with dust, pet hair and pollen, then your home might develop a foul odor. Turn off the furnace or air conditioner to dust the appliances with a soft cloth, or you can use a small vacuum cleaner to suction a buildup of debris. Make sure to change the filters in your home’s climate-control equipment once a month to have fresher air circulating through the vents. Also, vacuum the air ducts in your home, and use a cloth to clean the vents in each room.


Open the Windows To Circulate the Air In a Home

When the weather is warmer in the spring and autumn, you can open the windows in your home to permit fresh air to enter. According to OSHA, air circulation is a key component of health. Make sure to open the closet doors in your home to improve the quality of air in all of the storage areas. By opening the windows in your home, you can eliminate the foul odors from cigarette smoke and family pets.


Install an Air Purification System

You can install an air purification system on your home’s climate-control equipment to improve the quality of the air, or you can use small portable air purifiers instead. You can move air purifiers to different locations in your home to remove dust particles and pet hair that causes a bad smell to linger inside a home.


Use Your Stove’s Venting System While Cooking Food

If you enjoy cooking in your kitchen, then food odors can seep into the carpets and walls of your home, creating a bad odor. When you are cooking foods that have a pungent odor, make sure to use your stove’s venting system to remove the smells from frying fish or boiling broccoli.


Keep Your Home Clean

When you don’t have time for sanitizing your home’s bathrooms or kitchen, you can call a professional cleaning service. Knowledgeable cleaners can sanitize your home using the best cleansers and industrial-strength equipment. With a professional cleaning service, you can have your floors washed, and carpets shampooed on a regular basis so that your home smells brand-new.


Use Fresh Flowers

Image Credit: Brown Floral

Not only do flowers smell great, but fresh flowers improve the air quality of a home by combating volatile organic compounds, such as chemicals found in many paints, solvents, and industrially-treated products that are common in most households.


Bake Cookies

An old realtor trick is to drop some vanilla extract on a hot stove to make the house smell like fresh-baked cookies. The scent makes the house feel clean, homey, and welcoming. You can copy this trick, but if you actually bake cookies, then you have cookies.


Nobody likes a stinky house. But living in a home is naturally messy, so it’s bound to happen sooner or later. We’d love to help you restore your house to a fresh-smelling clean palace. It will improve your health and your quality of life. Don’t wait!