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You may be busy mom, a busy professional, a busy CEO or a busy student. The list is long and having to worry about the chemicals your green cleaning service is using is not something you want to add to your list. Mess Maid Right NW is the green house cleaning Portland service residents trust.

green house cleaning portlandBy now, we’ve all become aware of the “green” movement, but we don’t often hear the term applied to house cleaning. And that’s a shame, really. Green house cleaning in Portland is far more environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning methods. It also has benefits for you and your family that go far beyond throwing fewer plastic containers into the local landfill.

“Green cleaning” is really an umbrella term that covers a range of cleaning options. The chief goal is to use products/solutions and methods that are healthier for both people and the environment. For some, it entails using only natural things like baking soda, vinegar, and lemons. For others, it means using commercially manufactured green-cleaning products. And still,  for other people, it means using products with organically produced ingredients in bio-degradable containers.


No matter how green you decide to go Mess Maid Right NW is the service that provides green house cleaning Portland residents trust. Here’s the green house cleaning benefits we provide over traditional methods that use harsh chemicals.

1.  A Healthier Home and Family


The residue of harsh cleaning products remain on surfaces long after cleaning, and toxic cleaning-chemical fumes hang in the air for a good long while. But with green cleaning, because no harsh chemicals are used, there is no residue to be absorbed through your skin and no irritating fumes to be breathed into your children’s lungs.

Some studies have discovered that using a traditional, commercial cleaning spray as infrequently as once a week increases the risk of developing asthma. And today, asthma is the leading chronic illness to which the most school absences can be attributed.

Why take the chance? Go green in your cleaning.

2. Less Environmental Contamination


Besides being healthier for you and your family, green house cleaning is far healthier for the environment. For there are no toxic fumes being released into the air and no harmful chemicals being flushed down the drain. Reducing the pollution released into the air we breathe and injected into our waterways helps combat ozone depletion and climate change and tainted drinking water.

In addition, most green-cleaning products come in recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Minimizing waste in this way contributes to counteracting the problem of burgeoning landfills.

green house cleaning portland

3. Less Costly in the Long Run


Green cleaning can also be far less costly than traditional cleaning methods. It is sometimes less expensive in the short term and always in the long run.

Some green-cleaning methods advocate the use of natural products that can be found around the home, for example, baking soda, olive oil, vinegar, and lemons. These natural cleaning products can be had for pennies compared to standard commercial products.

Further, because green cleaning is healthier for both a home’s occupants and those who do the cleaning, money is saved. Healthier cleaning means less sickness, and that means less work time lost for employees and less expense for sick days for employers.

4. Fewer Antibacterials and Resistant Bacteria


Of all the benefits of green house cleaning in Portland, this important one is often overlooked. But it could be the one that contributes most to your long-term health. Green cleaning doesn’t involve a host of products that are touted as “antibacterial.” And there are good reasons for this. Even the FDA now claims that washing with antibacterial soap is really no better than using regular soap to get rid of germs and guard against sickness. In addition, according to the AMA, over-use of  antibacterial ingredients can contribute to the growing problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Further, a common antibacterial agent in many products, Triclosan, may disrupt your thyroidal function and your hormonal system.

Whether you’re just generally environmentally conscious or radically green, we have you covered when it comes to green house cleaning Portland residents trust.