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We continue in our Portland Spring Cleaning series. A lot of the tips we’ve been giving out lately have been in bullet form and that gets boring quick! I was sitting down this morning thinking: I love instructional photos so we decided to bring you “6 Spring Cleaning Tips” in photo form. What better way to motivate ourselves to clean house than a daily photo reminder on our refrigerator? This also works as a motivational inspiration to get your spouse and kids to do some house cleaning and get them on your page or remind you to call the best house cleaning service Portland Or has to offer.


Deep Cleaning Services Portland Or


Now that you have that awesome piktochart to guide you. Let’s talk about the deep cleaning that takes place when its

time for Spring Cleaning. Spring Cleaning or Deep Cleaning requires tackling those larger items that typically don’t get

cleaned either by your recurring service or by  you during maintenance cleans.


Deep House Cleaning Items: 


  • Interior Oven Cleaning
  • Interior Refrigerator
  • Interior Dish Washer
  • Interior Washer & Dryer
  • Interior Windows, Window Tracks and Window Sills
  • Baseboards (Vacuuming + Damp Wiping them Down)
  • Blinds (Vacuuming + Damp Wiping them Down)
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning 
  • Area Rug Cleaning 


While you can have your Spring/Deep Cleaning done at any time of the year, the recommended time is during

the Spring (March-May) & in the Fall in preparation for the holidays (October-December). Spring Cleaning gives you that extra umph

necessary to do life when the seasons get busy.

Best Portland Cleaners


If you’re choosing to tackle Spring Cleaning duties on your own be sure to take care of your self and opt to use green house cleaning methods.

Our biggest suggestion is using our Eco Friendly House Cleaning Kitchen Cleanser


Our Cleanser can be used on the following items: 

  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Pots & Pans
  • Cooktop
  • Tile
  • Shower Tubs
  • Bathrooms Sinks


As you can see its not just a kitchen cleanser. Eco friendly or green cleaning products are great because they have a multi use and they

can save you big bucks.


Now scroll up and print your Spring Cleaning Piktochart to get those Spring Cleaning chores done or give us a call at 503 757-2380 and

Mess Maid Right NW will get those Spring Cleaning items knocked off of your to do list.