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There are many reasons that you might want to turn a room in the basement into a bedroom. Perhaps you want a new guest room, or maybe your teenager wants to feel like he has more of his own space. Whatever the reason, there are a few ways that you can take an ordinary room that is normally used for storage, and then turn it into a bedroom that is habitable for whoever will use it. To get you started, here are three things that you will want to do, as a bare minimum,  from closet space to Post Construction Cleaning Services to get that basement room ready to be a bedroom.

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Add Closet Space

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One of the biggest things that differentiate a bedroom from a spare room is the addition of closet space. If you are unsure how you can make this happen, find out where you might be able to either bump out the wall on the other side or create an enclosure within the room. For instance, if the room that you would like to make into a spare room shares a wall with the downstairs laundry room, consider using some of the laundry room space to make into a closet.

Add Decorative Window Wells

A window well is a necessity for safety and aesthetic reasons. It’s essential to have a window well in case of a fire so that occupants of the room can escape and firemen have quick and easy access to the bedroom. But window wells can window wells also add needed natural light that keeps the room feeling airy. Decorative window wells can even be focal points of the room. Galvanized steel window wells are not the most attractive to look at, but a window well made of wood can also be a place for a small garden or even a little patio area. Stone is another material that will make an egress window more of a focal point than an eyesore that you try to cover up.

Post Construction Clean Up & House Cleaning Services

Once you’ve put in these installations, you’re going to have a lot of leftover wood, and drywall, with sawdust strewn about the place. This is when you want professionals who deal with post-construction cleanup to make your new basement masterpiece sparkling and fresh. To keep it looking and smelling nice afterward, consider hiring a maid service.

Many homeowners are excited to use the much-needed space that they have in their basement, bathroom or kitchen. If you’re interested in ways to make a basement bedroom that you can be proud of, start with the basics of solid construction, but don’t do the bare minimum; use quality materials that will look beautiful for years to come.

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