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Thanksgiving has passed and now it’s Santa’s time to shine. WHAT?! Yes, Christmas is the next big family gathering and its just around the corner. Have you prepared for your upcoming guests after just finishing the clean up from the Thanksgiving get together? If you haven’t fret not, the Maid Service Portland Oregon residents trust is Mess Maid Right NW and they have some great suggestions. Especially if your home is the cozy and more suitable home for the family gatherings.


Our Maid Service Portland Oregon can help you get Christmas Ready

Maid Service Portland Oregon - Christmas Day Ready


1. Give you time to focus on those you care for: Who doesn’t like shopping and spending time with loved ones? Especially for those electronics or toys that your little ones must have. Mess Maid Right NW the maid service Portland residents trust will remove the stress of having to clean every nook and cranny in your home and allow you the pleasure of spending time and money on those you care for. From work, to cooking and having to set time to go buy gifts and wrapping them, you won’t have time to

do the deep cleaning your home deserves.


2.Have a clean spot for the Christmas Tree: In order to have a beautifully decorated tree your

family can enjoy, as well as the neighbors, you need a clean area. You have the perfect place you want to set the tree but cobwebs or dust has gathered? We will do the vacuuming, remove cobwebs, clean the dust and clean your windows. How will passerbys see the bright twinkling Christmas lights with an opaque window.



3. Cook in a grease free oven: Especially since you just had company over for turkey or any other delicacies you enjoyed over the Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe uncle Bob made an overflow in your oven with his famous green bean casserole and you’ve been meaning to clean it when you have time but now it’s been over a week, our professionals can do the scrubbing and much needed elbow grease in your Portland, Or home.


4. Reduce the clutter: You just took out all the Christmas lights from the closet in that room you never use and realize you have a lot of boxes full of things you no longer use or need. Our professionals will help you get organized and tidy up your space and make it guest-friendly. Now your aunt won’t have to sleep in a room full of boxes or a dusty closet.


5. Avoid the allergies: You have that family member who is allergic to pet hair or is too sensitive to pet odor? Our professionals can help! We are certified in steam cleaning and can do the job right the first time. With our carpet cleaning and upholstery service, we will definitely remove any stains, odors, pet hair and anything that doesn’t belong on your carpet or furniture. Now, your family member can breath easily and rest assured that no unwanted odors will be smelled in your home and only those of cherry pie or pumpkin spice.

Now that we have you covered by making your home cozy, stress free and Christmas ready, get the gifts wrapped and give Mess Maid Right NW, the best Maid Service Portland Oregon has to offer a call at 503 757-2380 or Book Online if phone free option is what you prefer.