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Keeping the house clean can be challenging at times and now with a baby, it’s time for double duty. Fret not because it can be done! Besides calling Mess Maid Right NW the house cleaning services in Portland pros, you can maintain your home clean with just a few tips and tricks. Understand that messes are bound to happen. While most of us try to keep the home tidy, there are little ones that are uncommitted or laid-back. Probably they are literally just learning to crawl or walk. Whether your baby already eats on their own or you have to spoon feed them, know that they will make a mess and get dirty. Its all part of the fun! 

house cleaning services in portland


Keeping a house cleaning routine that works for you


Whether you’re a new mom or already have experience in handling a little mini-you, you will find that you need a routine. Having something on your planner or daily to-do list will help tremendously. If you already have to-do lists, pencil in some cleaning time with baby. If you usually do laundry on Mondays, have your baby nearby while you take out the clothes from the washer and into the dryer and have the baby help out.


While folding the clothes, have your baby watch you while you fold and talk to them or sing a lullaby. Maybe your baby will fall asleep meanwhile, win-win. Have a separate day for cleaning the different rooms in your home. Bathrooms on Saturday when someone will be home to help you or any day when you have help. Kitchen can be lightly cleaned by decluttering, washing dishes on the go or putting them in the dishwasher and out when it’s time for baby’s nap.  If baby is napping, you can take out the trash from restrooms and kitchen as well. While going from one room to the next, take that stuffed animal from the living room and into the baby’s room or that sippy cup into the kitchen sink. Whatever your cleaning routine is, try to keep it and soon baby will know it too. Keeping your kitchen and bathrooms clean by hiring a Portland local maid service is a lot easier, but sometimes budget may be an issue. If that’s the case check out our  Saving Money with a Green House Cleaning Service blog. When it comes to all things house cleaning services in Portland we can help you!


Get organized. Have baskets where you can easily toss in toys, balls and stuffed animals. Allow your child to help put away toys they will no longer use as well so they get used to putting away toys on their own. You don’t necessarily need to have labels as long as you know where everything goes, or at least should go. Have laundry baskets for the different colored clothing or if you separate your clothes from your baby’s then having a separate basket for baby would be a good idea too.


Green House Cleaning Services


Think baby safety first. Use natural non-toxic cleaning ingredients. If you have homemade cleaning products, that would be best especially if you have a newborn. Usually baking soda, lemon and vinegar work their magic for different cleaning hacks around the house and are quite natural. Try to keep the areas where the baby will be clear of clutter or objects that might cause a hazard. Babies tend to put things in their mouths, so vacuuming and mopping before setting the baby on the floor would be a great idea. You can use a baby carrier if you have a smaller child while waltzing away with the vacuum. Your baby will feel close to you and at the same time you’ll enjoy baby time and cleaning time. If you have no time you can always hire a service like the tile and grout cleaning in League City.  Don’t get stressed about the mess and know you can always contact us to help you while you enjoy your bundle of joy. Mess Maid Right NW provides green house cleaning services Portland residents trust. 

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