Local House Cleaning Service 


Having doubts about how to keep your carpet or wood floors clean because you don’t know how to maintain them or what’s expected to keep them shiny and bright in between cleanings? Let our Mess Maid Right NW professionals take care of the work for you. As a Local house cleaning service company, we not only clean your home or business, but we also provide you with the best tips and tricks to keep your home cleaner longer. Together with our friends at Montpellier Maids Oxford Cleaners  we came up with 3 ways to keep your floors clean between cleanings.


1. Have Slippers/Runners on Your Floors


Make sure to take off your shoes when coming inside your home. A lot of mud, dirt and other eeky particles get stuck on the soles of your shoes and onto your floors. It would be good to have a mud room or area in your home to drop off dirty shoes and put on some slippers that are only used when you’re indoors. Not only will the dirt get in your home with shoes worn indoors, but the dirt grains will cause scratches and remove the coating on the flooring over time. Make sure to have runners in high traffic areas of your home to avoid those ugly worn spots. Especially in areas like the entryway, kitchen and play areas for the kids. Your local house cleaning service will always include the vacuuming of the runners in their regular cleaning as well as under. 


2. Dust Mop/Vacuum Your Floors:


Local House Cleaning Service

As soon as you feel that the floor is dirty or grainy, make sure to vacuum it right away. Do not let the dirt grind against the floors. Again, we want to avoid any scratches and vacuuming the floor will prevent the dirt from causing these scuff marks. Remember to go with the grain and not against it when vacuuming or dust mopping. Make sure to use a vacuum that doesn’t have harsh bristles that will scratch the floor and is specific for hard floors. Preferably, it’s best to use a microfiber duster or floor mop to pick up all the dust and dirt and avoid any scratches or scuff marks. Make sure to use products that are specific for the type of floors that you have. Remember this is maintenance in between cleanings so don’t vacuum each and every single corner. 


3. Protect Your Floors


You wouldn’t let your child play with sharp scissors, so make sure to not let harsh or sharp objects touch your floors. As  a local house cleaning service we always recommend our clients make sure to use felt pads on appliances, furniture and anything that will be dragged or will be sitting on your floors. If you have a spill on the floor make sure to clean it up right away before it stains the wood or cause any cupping from liquids. If your home is being cleaned every 2 to 4 weeks consider increasing the frequency of cleanings to weekly service if you don’t want to bother with having to go the extra steps of keeping your floors clean in between cleanings.


If your wood floors are well maintained, but you’re looking for that extra shine and sparkle. You can take care of them further by having stripping and waxing, scrubbing and recoating, or buffing and recoating, Mess Maid Right NW can do the job for you! You can learn more about our Floor Care Services and see if they’re a fit.