Portland Maid Service Mess Maid Right Shares How:

“Clutter is an unavoidable problem of modern-day busy life. We accumulate clutter in our homes every day, one small purchase or one forgetful action at a time. We also continue to add clutter daily by forgetting to place things back or by not timely disposing off unnecessary items. This accumulated clutter gradually becomes a major source of unhappiness and stress in our lives.” Let’s face it, no one needs the extra stress! For this reason our Portland Maid Service, Mess Maid Right NW reached out to our friends at Simply Maid. We want to make sure we’re helping you forget the mess and relieve the stress.

The handy infographic by Simply Maid Cleaning shows that decluttering your home can have an instant positive effect on your well-being by reducing stress and by allowing you to relax. The infographic explains that the best way to declutter your home is by getting rid of clutter in a systematic room-by-room manner and offers different decluttering tips for different sections of the home.

The useful infographic by Simply Maid Cleaning also explains a useful Three Box Method for decluttering that allows you to achieve better decluttering results by forcing you to take three major decisions – keep, discard or store – on an item-by-item basis.

Lastly, the infographic gives us useful tips – such as  renting or borrowing over buying rarely-used items – to help you ensure that the clutter stays under control and never returns to your home.”

Portland Maid Service - Be Clutter Free

Hopefully with these useful tips you’ve learned just how to keep the clutter under control and increase happiness by leaps and bounds. While we can’t be side by side while you declutter your home, we can surely help you keep your space dirt free and sparkling clean after. You can learn about our House Cleaning & Portland Maid Service here! Call or Book Online today.