Green House Cleaning Near Me


“Green” is hot right now, and green house cleaning in Portland, OR is a rapidly growing service with all kinds of shoots sprouting here and there. The problem has now become how to find a reputable service , true green house cleaning near me or you – because there are some impostors out there now. So if you’re asking, “How to find green house cleaning near me?” we have some tips from our friends at Deserved Comfort Columbia.


Bonded and Insured


For some reason, most of us tend to place a little too much trust too easily in service providers that bill themselves as “green.” But the fact is, as with any service provider you allow into your home, you need to ensure they are bonded and insured.


You need to make sure the company is bonded and insured in case some damage to your home occurs so that you won’t have to pay for the damage yourself. It also protects you if an employee of the company is injured while working in your home: you won’t be liable in any way.


Certified and Genuine


A lot of companies claim to be certified green cleaners, but it’s up to you to make sure that’s really the case. You should look into the certification process itself and find out if it requires updates and continuing education.


One certification that is virtually a must-have is the Green Seal GS-49 Standard of 2009. This is a standard that lays out the criteria a company must meet in order to be considered a green cleaning company. The GS-49 Standard also recommends the products, equipment, and techniques that should be used, as well as requiring eight hours of annual training.


It also happens that a company may be certified, but doesn’t actually use green cleaning products and methods. In that case, you need to ask about the company’s material safety data sheets (MSDSs). Professional cleaning services are required by OSHA to have this information for any and all products they use.


Using the Right Products


You might even need to examine the product labels yourself. Claims like”non-toxic” and “environmentally friendly” often don’t tell the whole story. What a truly green cleaning service will avoid is products containing any phosphates and/or phthalates.

Take air fresheners, for example, which often contain carcinogens and allergens. If a so-called green cleaning company’s employees are using air fresheners, then the company is likely not truly green. And, besides, the employees are simply covering up odors rather than getting rid of them.


Using the Right Equipment


If at this point you’re still asking, “How can I find quality, professional green house cleaning near me?” then pay attention to the equipment the service uses. For this is another thing that differentiates the good from the bad.


A good green house cleaning service will, for example, use high-filtration vacuum cleaners that use less energy. They will also use equipment recommended by the American Lung Association to guard against clients having respiratory issues or allergic reactions.


The better companies will also use equipment that simply works better, that does the job better. They will, for instance, use microfiber towels and cloths for cleaning and wiping down various surfaces. Microfiber towels absorb more liquid than cotton or paper. They also attract dust and pick up large amounts of bacteria. As a result, the need for some cleaning solution is eliminated.


Fewer towels and less cleaner means less waste, which means greener cleaning.


Hopefully, if you’ve been asking, “How can I find green house cleaning near me?” these tips will provide some help. You could, of course, call on the experienced and knowledgeable personnel at Mess Maid Right NW, a house cleaning service Portland residents trust to provide quality green house cleaning. So go ahead and book online or request a free estimate today!