Green House Cleaning Service Portland


Hiring a cleaning service used to be considered a luxury only for the idle wealthy, but not anymore. For many people now with frenetically busy lives, it’s a downright necessity. If you’re interested in green cleaning, it is possible to have some of your cake and eat it too. All you have to do is know how to save when hiring a green cleaning service, especially a green house cleaning service Portland residents trust.

Together with our friends at The Cleaning Advantage  we came up with a list sure to help. 


Rotate the Cleaning Schedule


It’s possible that you don’t really need your whole house cleaned each time a cleaning is scheduled. If you do only a minimal amount of cleaning maintenance yourself, that will likely be the case. So you can then have the cleaning rotated and still have a clean home.

You could, for example, have one session for high-traffic areas and then the next cleaning session for the other less-trafficked areas. Or maybe you could just have the bathrooms and floors cleaned one time and then two weeks later the whole house.

Areas that are easier to maintain cleaning-wise just won’t need a weekly or even a bi-weekly cleaning.


Do the 10-Minute Pick-Up

green house cleaning service portland


Spend 10 minutes rapidly going from room to room picking up personal belongings and stray objects and putting them up where they belong. If you take care of the minor pick-up and cleaning like this, your cleaners can then devote more of their time to the larger cleaning projects – floors, kitchen, bathrooms, dust, and so on – the things you’ve really hired them to do.

Ten minutes of scrambling now just may save you some money at the end of the month.


Have Less-Used Rooms Cleaned on Request Only


Most house cleaning companies, including those that provide green house cleaning service Portland residents trust, offer on-request cleaning prices. What you can do then is have the high-traffic areas and frequently used rooms cleaned regularly and the less-used rooms and areas cleaned on request only.

Guest bedrooms and bathrooms get little use and need to be cleaned only occasionally. Your cleaning company will be glad to clean on request and help you save a little money.

Decline Add-On Offers


Your cleaning company may also try to get you to purchase add-on offers, or upsells. And there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s an established business practice. How many times have heard, “Would you like fries with that?”

Still, you should decline these offers because they’re extras, not part of the basic cleaning you want, and they’ll cost you extra. Your cleaning service may offer to, say, do your dishes and/or do your laundry. It may be tempting to accept, but you’re better off declining. These tempting add-ons are generally pretty pricey.


Kids’ Rooms, Kids Clean


Here’s an opportunity for you to save some money and teach your children responsibility at the same time. A bargain in anyone’s books.

If your kids have their own rooms, the cleaning challenge is usually not dirt, just messiness, and clutter. And they can take care of that themselves. There’s really no need to pay a cleaning service to do what your children can do themselves.

As you can see, you can have a professional cleaning and still save on green house cleaning in Portland. The professional cleaners at Mess Maid Right NW, a Portland cleaning service dedicated to providing quality green cleaning, would love to help you have a clean home your way.